Maritime Scholarships

Where can a job in maritime take you? Where ever you want to go in life, the maritime industry can take you there. Whether on deck, exploring the world or standing firmly on solid ground, the maritime industry offers fantastic opportunities in a wide variety of exciting disciplines.

Cayman has a rich maritime history, particularly in boat building, seafaring, merchant marines and naval service. But careers in maritime are not just for people who want to live at sea. Many other exciting and challenging careers in the field include: naval architecture, marine engineering, marine survey, maritime administration and nautical studies.

The MACI Scholarship enabled me to study abroad and get his Master’s Degree. MACI is keen to provide further practical training after university to continue my professional development. Since I qualified as a surveyor, I am traveling almost constantly, all over the place and two days are never the same, always meeting new people and getting a chance to be part of technically advanced projects that push boundaries and concepts.

The global nature of shipping means that the clients we collaborate and vessels we work with are all over the world, Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Greece, Germany, etc. There probably isn’t a better shipping registry to work for right now as Cayman is small enough to be dynamic but still growing into new markets.

Photo of Vassel Godfrey Johnson IIIVassel Godfrey Johnson III – 2008 Recipient

As a young Caymanian, the Maritime Scholarship gave me exposure and business experience that have been vital over the course of my career. Beginning as an intern while at college I got experience working in accounts and IT. These experiences paired well with my academic studies in business administration as it gave me the ability to apply my knowledge in the real world.

The Maritime Scholarship gave me the resources necessary to complete my education both financially and academically. On a daily basis I refer back to the experience gained at MACI as it was part of the foundation of my business career.

Photo of Gary FosterGary Owen Foster – 2011 Recipient

I was able to push myself to new heights. The scholarship has enabled me to broaden my horizons as it has provided me with the opportunity to further my education in an amazing overseas environment. I am currently studying Liverpool John Moores University, which is one of the leading maritime universities in England, and I couldn’t ask for a better experience! I truly believe that studying abroad has provided me with more than just a great education as the overall experience has completely shaped me into a well-rounded independent individual. I love the level of diversity within MACI. As they have several offices scattered all over the globe, I am provided with the opportunity to work in, and travel to great new places. My opportunities are now endless, as my degree covers a range of skills that are essentially used throughout the maritime industry. However, from my previous experiences as a summer intern, I am excited to start my career with MACI and I look forward to working with them soon.

Photo of Kayla MartinKayla Martins, 2014/2015 Recipient

The MACI scholarship helped me pursue my academic goals. Afterwards, through my employment with MACI, I was given the opportunity to put my education to use while receiving additional training towards a rewarding career in marine surveying. I’m grateful for the opportunities the Maritime Authority has provided me; I’m certain my career would not have been the same without it.

Photo of Saagar KadiyalaSaagar Kadiyala – 2007 Recipient

In 2006 I joined the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands which had only been set up as an authority in 2005. I was employed with MACI during my final year of law school and my interest in maritime law continued. 

As a Senior Assistant Registrar of Shipping, working with a dedicated and supportive team, it was a very rewarding role to provide registration of vessels and related services to local and international clients who chose to use the CI shipping registry.

I am humbly grateful for the support provided to me by MACI to obtain valuable work experience in registration and my LLM in an industry that highlights a major aspect of our seafaring heritage.

Photo of Andrea ChristianAndrea Christian – 2007 Recipient

Our annual Maritime Scholarship is an extension of our firm belief in the importance of education and helping young persons build careers in the maritime industry, especially given Cayman’s strong maritime history.

To support individuals looking for rewarding careers in these areas, the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs have joined together to offer a unique scholarship opportunity to dynamic Caymanians who wish to pursue a successful career in the maritime industry.

Consideration will be given to under-graduate, post-graduate or professional qualifications in the above disciplines. We will also consider applicants interested in specialist areas that support the industry as well as those specializing in other fields that support the maritime sector and encourage them to apply. These include specialist maritime legal services, human resource management, accounting and information technology.

Be part of this exciting industry.

Applicants must:

  • Be Caymanian or hold Caymanian Status;
  • Provide proof of residency in the Cayman Islands for 5 years prior to applying;
  • Be 18 years or older (the Education Council has discretion in exceptional circumstances);
  • Provide proof of acceptance at a competitively ranked institution;
  • Have a genuine interest in the maritime industry;
  • Possess good interpersonal and communication skills, work ethic and character;
  • Have a commitment to the development of the local maritime industry through new skills and knowledge.

Additional Requirements:

  • Additional requirements and all application forms can be downloaded from the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs website.
  • All completed applications need to be submitted via upload on the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs website during the period 15th Nov 2016  to 31st Jan 2017.
  • The Maritime Scholarship is to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate study in naval architecture, nautical or marine engineering, survey & admin studies at an overseas institution. Up to max KYD 20,000 p.a. towards tuition, room & board, meals, travel & books. (NO online study approved at the undergraduate level).

Head HR & Administration

Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands
P.O. Box 2256
Grand Cayman KY1-1107

Application Deadline: 31 January of each year

Note: Applications received subsequent to the specified application deadline will not be considered but instead placed on file for future reference.