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What is the minimum evidence a CISR auditor will need to see in order to issue an International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC)?

Because of the short time scale ships have to comply with the ISPS Code, the CISR is not requiring a minimum implementation period before an ISSC can be issued. Up until 1 July 2004, the CISR will issue an ISSC if there is satisfactory objective evidence that:

  1. All onboard have received appropriate instruction and training and are fully conversant with their roles and responsibilities related to ship security.
  2. Both the master and the SSO are fully conversant with all aspects of the Ship Security Plan (SSP).
  3. The SSP is onboard and has been approved by the CISR.
  4. There are plans to conduct an internal audit within 3 months of the SSP being implemented onboard (if an internal audit has not already been carried out).
  5. At least one security drill specified in the SSP has been carried out and any identified corrective action implemented.
  6. Security equipment has been included in the ships maintenance system and has been maintained in accordance with the requirements of that system.
  7. All security equipment is operational and is fit for its intended service.
  8. All security measures indicated for the current security level are being implemented and that the ship is able to implement the security measures for all security levels.

After 1 July 2004, minimum implementation requirements will be harmonized with those for the ISM Code.