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Why Register a Vessel in the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Registry is a member of the Red Ensign Group with Category 1 status. We are committed to providing quality service and striving toward excellence.

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This has been proven by our white-listed status on the Paris and Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding, as well as maintaining Qualship 21 status, and our excellent ship safety and pollution prevention record, which translates into efficiency for Cayman vessel owners due to reduction in time and administration for inspections. We are focused on delivery of quality maritime administration services by our experienced and knowledgeable personnel, operating in several countries across the globe. Our islands offer a stable operating environment and modern, comprehensive maritime legislation based on English Common Law. Additionally, Cayman-flagged vessels have full British Consular Services and Royal Naval assistance and protection worldwide.

The Cayman Registry offers vessel and mortgage registration of merchant vessels, private and commercial yachts, passenger yachts and yachts under construction. Our Ports of Registration are George Town, The Creek, and Bloody Bay.