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Qualification of Vessel and Vessel Name Availability

Pleasure Yachts not engaged in Trade (Private Use): There are minimum Convention and statutory certification requirements for pleasure yachts engaged in private use and not engaged in trade (see Annex 1 of Guide to Vessel Registration – add hyperlink ). These requirements include completion of the appropriate sections of MARPOL 73/78 (such as IOPP and IAPP for vessels 400 gross tons or more), COLREGS, and others, depending upon the vessel’s size.

Pleasure yachts in private use not engaged in trade may opt to voluntarily comply with the Large Yacht Code (LYC). In these cases, whilst registration does not require such compliance, the vessel will be surveyed for compliance at the time of registration and if found compliant, then the appropriate Convention and statutory certificates will be issued accordingly.  

Check now if your desired vessel name is available.

There are three ports where a name can be registered, George Town, The Creek and Bloody Bay.  If a name is not available in one port, it may be available in another. If the name is available, an owner can also reserve a name across all three ports.  A name is reserved for a period of 12 months and may be renewed. Names may be requested or reserved by an Owner, Authorised Person or Representative Person, or other party such as a shipyard, particularly in the case of new-build yachts, subject to the approval of the Registrar.