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Maritime Administration

MACI Consulting utilises its unique experience to provide cost-effective consulting services and innovative solutions to clients on a variety of maritime issues:

  1. Maritime Administration Structures: Guidance on how to establish an effective maritime administration based on a country’s rate and type of shipping activity, including advice on administrative structures and technical requirements.
  2. Financial Aspects of Operating a Maritime Administration: Advice on the financial implications of establishing, operating and maintaining a maritime administration and the impact of regulating a significant flag fleet.
  3. Maritime Legal Services: Assessment of legal and regulatory regime needs necessary for a maritime administration to fulfill its obligations and how to draft specific legislation.
  4. Conference Organisation: Supporting the organisation of conferences geared towards maritime issues and of conferences, seminars and workshops in specialised maritime subjects
  5. Training: Preparation and/or delivery of training in the maritime sector, including PSC, ISPS, ISM, commercial yacht safety