About Our board

The Board of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands is responsible for the governance and performance of the Authority and the general conduct of its affairs and business, having regard to the Public Management and Finance Law (2013 Revision). The first Board was appointed by His Excellency the Governor in August 2005 and served until August 2009. The current MACI board was appointed in 2016 and 2017. It consists of individuals with expertise in law, financial management, national security, international shipping, corporate services and maritime affairs.

The Board has authority to delegate to any director, sub-committee or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Such delegation, however, does not preclude the Authority from exercising any power delegated. Thus far, there are no sub-committees and the Board has chosen only to delegate the Authority’s power to the CEO for engaging such officers and consultants as the CEO considers necessary and on such terms and conditions as the CEO considers appropriate, within the salary scales approved by the Board.

In the absence of sub-committees, the CEO has established a Management Committee comprising the senior managers of the Authority that deal with such matters that would otherwise rest with a Board appointed sub-committee.