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Another success!

Cayman Yacht Seminar 2012 - Another success!

The Cayman Yacht Seminar held during the Monaco Yacht Show 2012, "was another resounding success", reports Greg Evans – Director, Global Safety and Compliance of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands.

Around 60 invited guests attended the Salon Americas at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort, and heard presentations on a wide range of topics, covering registration, ships under construction, mortgages, VAT, owners issues, super yacht and aircraft case law, information on the US, and a regulatory update covering MLC, 2006 and PYC and PSC.

The presentations were followed by a lively question and answer session, focusing on a number of hot topics, which included a detailed discussion on the application of Cayman Islands Labour Law to seafarers.

Sponsoring the seminar were Cayman Islands law firms, Appleby and Campbells, and U.S. law firm, Alley Maass, Rogers and Lindsay. Two guest speakers, Adrian Jones of Blackstar and Fergal Quinn of Hill Dickinson were invited to participate in the seminar. The panel was completed by representatives of the sponsoring law firms, Sherice Arman, John Wolf, and Robb Maass and by Peter Southgate of MACI.

The seminar guests were then invited to enjoy a cocktail during MACI’s Carnivale 2012 client party on the beautiful Las Brisas Terrace at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort, and were treated to an evening of music and dancing in the warm evening air of Monaco. The client party was also co-sponsored by Appleby.

The seminar and party were extremely well attended and according to Mr. Evans, "provided an excellent opportunity for the Maritime Authority to interact with its clients on a more informal basis."

The seminar series commenced during last year’s Monaco Yacht Show and a similar event was held in Turkey this past June. Other related events are planned to take place in Fort Lauderdale, London and Italy.

Mr. Evans says, "MACI regards the seminars as a vital tool to connect with our existing and potential new clients" and ultimately this offers an opportunity to continue ‘Building Solid Partnerships’, the overall theme of the event.


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