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Cayman Flag’s fleet continues to impress with low Port State Control detention ratio


The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (Cayman Registry) has recorded a detention ratio of 0.66% across all major Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) following Port State Control (PSC) inspections with only 3 detentions being recorded for 2018.

Cayman has made consistent improvement on its performance year on year and has been making steady progress since their highest detention ratio on record in 2002 of 8.87%, which was prior to the Maritime Authority Cayman Islands being established.

This low detention ratio speaks to the quality of the Cayman Flag and the Shipping Community is taking notice. New business has increased, which is evidenced by the increase in tonnage on the register.

 “Not only do these results build on the Cayman Registry’s superb reputation for supporting its clients comprehensively, quickly, and proactively; they further demonstrate our continued efforts to uphold the highest quality of vessels flying our flag,” Kenrick Ebanks, Global Director Commercial Services comments. “It confirms our commitment to ensuring compliance with the international conventions requirements.”

PSC is a system that maintains a watchful eye throughout the world’s territories to ensure that shipping is conducted in a safe, secure and environmentally friendly manner. The collaboration between the world’s participating maritime administrations means that they agree to implement a harmonised system of PSC across the globe for the inspection of foreign ships in ports other than those of the vessel’s flag state. PSC is globally recognized as an effective tool to reduce the number of sub-standard ships operating on the world’s seas and oceans.

The quality of the Cayman Fleet does not only rely on the Cayman Registry’s employees, but also the dedication of the quality vessel owners and partners with whom the Registry is aligned. The low detention ratio reflects years of work in partnership to maintaining an outstanding safety and quality record for the Cayman Flag and drives the highest possible quality regulatory standards.

“I would like to thank the hard-working team at the Registry for their continued outstanding efforts as well as the owners and operators who take pride in upholding the highest standards for their vessels, Mr. Ebanks says. “Without their combined efforts, we would not be able to earn this significant achievement.”

The Cayman Islands plays an important role on the global maritime stage by providing quality vessel registration, regulatory and advisory services. Cayman Registry operates in a jurisdiction that has one of the most modern and comprehensive legal frameworks that exists for shipping and maritime administration in the world. The accolades that the Cayman Islands continues to receive in the global maritime industry elevates the jurisdiction to be seen as the gold standard in the industry.


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