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Cayman Maintains Low-Risk Status on all Major International MOUs

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (Cayman Registry) has once again been recognized across all the major international Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) on Port State Control, demonstrating the flag’s commitment to quality and its excellent ship safety and pollution prevention record.

The flag’s outstanding Port State Control Record has ensured it maintains White List, low-risk status on the Paris MOU, which encompasses the waters of the European coastal states as well as the North Atlantic basin, and on the Tokyo MOU which comprises the waters of the Asia–Pacific region for the 15th and 11th consecutive year respectively.

The main objectives of the memoranda are to establish an effective port state control regime in the respective regions through the cooperation of its members, harmonizing of the members’ activities and eliminating sub-standard shipping.  It deals mainly with promoting maritime safety and security, protecting the marine environment through the prevention of pollution by ships, and safeguarding seafarers’ living and working conditions onboard ships.

Each Flag State is rated on the performance of the ships flying its flag during Port State Control Inspections. Being on the ‘White List’ means that Cayman flagged vessels have received one of the lowest detention ratios, and for vessel owners this translates to fewer delays while in port at any of the member authorities. It also brings confidence and security to both the owners of Cayman Islands vessels, and the seafarers who serve on them. 

The Cayman Registry also maintains low-risk status under the United States Coast Guard’s Quality Shipping for the 21st Century (QUALSHIP 21) Program, being listed as  one of the few qualifying Flag States eligible for the prestigious QUALSHIP 21 for the 10th consecutive year.

QUALSHIP 21 is the USCG’s matrix system of extending recognition to foreign vessels, which fly the Flag of a State which has demonstrated an excellent safety and pollution prevention record with respect to its vessels. Vessels in the QUALSHIP 21 system are required to undergo significantly fewer Port State Control inspections by the USCG whilst in US waters. Essentially, the QUALSHIP 21 system rewards good vessels thereby contributing to the elimination of substandard vessels.

Attaining the highly prestigious accolades across the major international Port States demonstrates the Cayman Registry’s commitment to the quality of the fleet on its Register, some 2,280+ vessels ranging from yachts through bulk carriers to tankers. They speak to the dedication of the Registry and its partners who strive to maintain White List, low-risk status by continuing to uphold international standards pertaining to shipping. In return, these Port States recognize and reward vessels, their owners and the Cayman Registry for their commitment to safety and quality.

“Undoubtedly, having achieved low-risk status across all the major international Port States brings significant benefits to vessels flying the Cayman flag.” said Mr. A. Joel Walton, CEO of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (parent organization of the Cayman Registry), “The Cayman Registry is very happy to once again accomplish these qualifications.” He continued, “It is a testament to the hardworking team of the Registry along with our partners for maintaining an outstanding safety and quality record for the Cayman Flag.”

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