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CISR Exhibits at World's Largest Boat Show.

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman - Representatives of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR), a division of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI), will be attending the world's largest boat show, which takes place in Ft. Lauderdale, 30 Oct. - 3 Nov.

This year marks the 49th annual show and will feature more than US$3 billion worth of boats, yachts, super yachts, electronics, engines and accessories from virtually every major marine manufacturer and builder worldwide.

The Cayman Islands is the world leader in the registration of mega-yachts, and a major player in the registration of other vessels, as well, including commercial craft of all sizes and description, that fly Cayman's prestigious "Red Ensign".

As it has in previous years, the Cayman Shipping Registry will have a promotional showcase, located at the International Yacht Builders' Pavilion, Booth Nos. 310-313, Bahia Mar Yachting Center.

Travelling from MACI/CISR Headquarters here will be: the CEO, Mr. A. Joel Walton; Mr. Peter Southgate, Deputy Divisional Director, Head Office & Head of Section, Yachts; Mr. John Aune, Senior Surveyor - Yachts, Americas; Mr. Duncan Currie, Senior Surveyor; Mrs. Exie Tomlinson-Panton, Head, Business Development & Client Relationships; Mrs. Dorisley Jackson, Coordinator, Events & Special Projects; Mrs. Krista Dixon, Senior Client Service Officer, and Mr. Mark Hunte, Snr. Asst. Registrar of Shipping.

In Florida, they will be joined by the Head of the CISR Ft. Lauderdale office, Mr. Todd Bice; Mr. Kevin Washington, Senior Maritime Officer; Mr. Pete Pylant, CISR Advisor, Business Development and Overseas Operations; Mr. Alan Penn, and Mr. James Gavin, both Consultant Surveyors, all also out of the Ft. Lauderdale office.

As a further promotional initiative, Mr. Waton will host "A Night of Spice" from 6 - 10 p.m., Thursday, 30th Oct., at the Samba Room restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale. This event is co-sponsored by the Cayman Islands Dept. of Tourism, The Barcadere Marina development, and the law firms of Campbells, and Appleby, both long-time supporters, and Priestlys, co-sponsoring for the first time this year. The Samba Room event is a sequel to last year's popular Latin-themed party, and will feature a live band, performing dancers and a cigar roller for the enjoyment of invited guests, including ship owners, builders and other key players in the industry. Cayman's Dept. of Tourism, for the second time, is also partnering with the Shipping Registry, and will be promoting the Islands as an overall destination, in addition to its being an excellent provider of maritime services.

"It is partly through the relationships forged through these promotional initiatives that the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry has been able to achieve the status of global leader in the registration of mega-yachts," says the organisation's CEO, Mr. Walton. "This is a vitally important venue for us to see, and be seen in." he emphasised.

Partnering in the exhibition space for the first time with the CISR is Grand Cayman's Barcadere Marina, currently being developed by Mr. Neville Scott.

Providing amenities for yachts travelling the open ocean is a pivotal part of development plans for the Barcadere, Mr. Scott says, and he hopes the marina will re-establish Grand Cayman as a replenishment point for private pleasure yachts which all too often bypass Cayman because of a lack of specialised facilities to cater to them. He hopes to change that. The Marina is designed to deal with yachts up to 120 feet in length; bigger yachts will also be catered for with off-shore mooring facilities.

Also sharing booth space with the CISR will be the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands, as well as representatives of the Cayman law firms, Appleby and Truman Bodden, both of whom have partnered with the CISR in previous years. The Show gives them an opportunity to showcase their legal maritime services, and goes hand in glove with the work of the CISR. And the Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands has also demonstrated a long-standing relationship with the Shipping Registry; Cayman is very popular in registration services for aircraft, as well as seagoing vessels.

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry was established in 1903. Today the Register lists nearly 2,000 vessels, a figure which includes about 250 "new builds" still on the weighs, at shipyards around the globe.

The CISR provides 24/7 client service from its nine international locations.

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