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CISR Launches Asian Initiative

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman - The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR), a division of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI), is currently in the process of launching an Asian initiative in an attempt to attract further business in that part of the world, where it has already met with considerable success.

In further efforts to attract Asian ship owners and builders, the CISR this year has added two additional representatives: Mr. Martin Chu, in Hong Kong, and Ms. Evelyn Soon, in Singapore.

Currently in Japan from George Town Headquarters are Mr. Alfred Powery, Divisional Director of Registration; Divisional Director of Finance & IT, Mr. Kenrick Ebanks, and Head of Business Development and Client Relationships, Mrs. Exie Tomlinson-Panton. In Tokyo, they are liaising with Mr. Chu, Business and Technical Consultant – Far East Region, and the CISR representative in Japan, Mr. Yoshinori Uno, who has been with the Shipping Registry for the past three years, and who has been instrumental in attracting a number of very large vessels to the historic Cayman Islands Shipping Registry.

This summer, the Aquamarine Ace, a 200-metre ship designed as a 6,400-unit pure car/truck carrier (PCTC) built for Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) in Japan joined the Cayman Islands Shipping Register, and that vessel was followed in short order by two sister ships, Amethyst Ace and Salvia Ace, both also massive PCTCs.

The Cayman-based MACI/CISR representatives have been joined by Mr. Greg Evans from CISR’s European Regional Office in Southampton, U.K. Mr. Evans is CISR’s Divisional Director, Safety, Survey & Inspection, and also in attendance, from Florida, is Mr. Pete Pylant, CISR Advisor, Business Development and Overseas Operations, whose efforts on CISR’s behalf over past years were largely instrumental in attracting the MOL ships to Cayman’s historic Register, which was officially established in 1903.

In Japan, the CISR is hosting a series of presentation dinners for major domos in the shipping industry. These promotional events are being held at the exclusive City Club of Tokyo.

The year 2008 has shown significant growth for MACI and the CISR, especially in the Asian market. The addition of the Singapore and Hong Kong representatives brings to nine the number of geographic locations where the CISR has a presence. The others are George Town, Grand Cayman, Headquarters; the European Regional Office in Southampton; London representation; Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Athens, Greece, and Tokyo. A Mediterranean office, established earlier this year, is currently being relocated.

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