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CISR Launches CIRIS and LAP Exam

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman – As part of its efforts to develop new products for the assistance of its clients, Cayman Maritime has just launched the Laws and Administrative Procedures (LAP) Examination System.  LAP is part of a broader state-of-the-art technology platform known as the “Cayman Islands Regulatory Intelligence System” (CIRIS).

Cayman Maritime believes LAP will prove to be a useful tool for management companies as well as seafarers and can be accessed via the CIRIS link on the Cayman Maritime’s homepage through a secure subscriber area.  It is designed to assist Masters and Officers of Cayman-flagged vessels to be able to demonstrate proficiency in Cayman Islands Laws and Administrative Procedures (LAP), in support of their application for a Cayman Islands Endorsement.

Management companies for Cayman-flagged vessels may find it extremely beneficial to become authorised Examination Centres, thereby providing easy access to Masters and Officers in numerous convenient locations. Companies wishing to become recognised Examination Centres should make an application online; more details on what information is to be provided to register as an Examination Centre are available on the website: Register as an Examination Centre for the LAP Exam. Once approved companies will be duly listed on the List of Examination Centres.

Master and Officer Candidates wishing to obtain LAP certification should first find an appropriate registered Examination Centre and then register to sit the Examination, and pay the requisite fee, which will provide up to four attempts. More details on what information is to be provided by candidates are available on the website: Register as a candidate for the LAP Exam. 

Once registered, candidates will be able to access the LAP Exam Manual and Question and Answer Manual, enabling candidates to study the materials and to acquire the knowledge required to pass the exam. Upon successful completion of the LAP Examination, the candidate will then be able to print his/her Certificate of Proficiency in Cayman Islands Law and Administrative Procedures at the Examination Centre.

Candidates will also receive a 1-year subscription to Cayman’s “Regulatory Intelligence” system: Regulatory Intelligence is a hyperlinked pathway to searchable versions of the up-to-the-minute maritime Laws and Regulations of the Cayman Islands.  Additionally, access to Shipping Notices, Shipmaster’s and Yachtmaster’s Guides and online forms (e.g. applications for Seaman’s Discharge Books, Endorsements, registration of vessel, etc.) is also available through the candidate’s registration.

Regulatory Intelligence may also be subscribed to separately (without LAP Candidate Registration).  Cayman Maritime encourages all ship-owners of Cayman-flagged vessels to subscribe to this user-friendly online service, thereby ensuring access to the most up-to-date and accurate information, which can also be used to satisfy the ship board carriage requirements in accordance with Cayman Islands Merchant Shipping Law. By availing themselves of this online service, they will avoid the need to carry hard copies of relevant documentation on-board and ashore.

Cayman Maritime is delighted to offer the exciting new CIRIS product in addition to its existing comprehensive range of services.  This demonstrates Cayman Maritime’s commitment to continually develop and to better serve its clients.  The organisation therefore invites all its stakeholders in the industry to subscribe to benefit from this new initiative.


For further information contact: Corporate Communications