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MACI Celebrates 10th Anniversary.

The 1st July, 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI).

MACI is a statutory corporation wholly owned by the Cayman Islands Government and governed by a board appointed by Her Excellency the Governor.

MACI has responsibility and oversight of the maritime industry in Cayman, including responsibility for the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, the ‘business arm’ of the Authority, which generated over $9.6 million in revenue in 2014.  The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry was the original administrative structure for the maritime industry in the Cayman Islands and has a 112 year history, beginning operations in 1903. 

As a British Ensign, the Cayman flag is already well-recognised and respected worldwide, but the thought-leadership and the implementation of the highest possible standards over the years has brought Cayman’s standing to one of the top 13 flags in the world by the International Chamber of Shipping, as well as United States Coast Guard Qualship 21 status, a prestigious certification matrix that translates into less Port State Control inspections at US ports for Cayman-flagged vessels.

The CEO of the Authority, Mr. Joel Walton, was celebrating with the MACI team:  “We are proud of the accomplishments that the Authority has made in the past 10 years.  We have gone from strength to strength, surviving the leaner times following the financial crisis and either maintaining or exceeding our targets in terms of service and quality delivery.  We have created an excellent product for the Cayman Islands and I want to thank my entire team in celebration of this milestone for their tireless contributions to making MACI the internationally renowned success it is”, he said.


Editor’s Notes:

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) is a statutory corporation formed as a separate legal entity under the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands Law (2005) which came into effect on July 1, 2005. The Authority is wholly-owned by the Government of the Cayman Islands but governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of the Cayman Islands.In general, MACI functions as the maritime administration of the Cayman Islands and as such discharges, on behalf of the Cayman Islands Government, the range of responsibilities and services normally associated with such a maritime administration.