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MACI Continues To Train

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) continued the delivery of its training sessions this year as part of a Vessel Registration Training Series which began in November 2006. Shipping industry partners, who participated, such as Cayman Management and Pensum, were informed and updated during these meetings with regards to industry procedures and practices.

The sessions entailed an introduction to the MACI’s services within the context of new Vessel Registration requirements, amongst other topics. The Virtual Office Environment, an interactive website which is currently a work in progress at the MACI, was also explored.

This year’s training included new participant local and overseas companies, as well as prior member participants within the Maritime Sector Consultative Committee (MSCC), an advisory team primarily made up of legal professionals who offer ship and yacht registration assistance services within the Cayman Islands. The seminar also catered to private sector personnel who are new to the Shipping process.

The meetings were concluded to be a success. Marilyn Conolly, Manager of Client Relationships and MACI Consulting, stated: “These sessions were, without a doubt, extremely beneficial to both our shipping partners and the MACI. It allowed the participants to widen their shipping knowledge base, and was also another opportunity for us to interact with them, which further serves to enhance our services and enables us to continue to maintain a standard of distinction.”

The Vessel Registration Training Series is scheduled to take place again next year.

For further information contact: Corporate Communications