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New Phone Numbers

In an initiative aimed at improving international communication while cutting telecommunication costs, the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) has just installed a new Cable & Wireless internet-based telephone system. This will affect the existing telephone numbers, which will change from their previous 3-digit prefix of "244" to the new prefix of "815". Also, the 4-digit extension or direct line numbers which previously started with "15", have now been changed to begin with "16". The extension or direct line numbers which previously began with "16" remain unchanged (except for the new 3-digit prefix).

The main switchboard number, 949-8831, is unaffected by the switchover and remains the same.

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR), a division of MACI, has a number of offices worldwide and Registry representatives are constantly traveling around the globe, so this move will enhance their ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Also, as the newly installed system is VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, based, it will allow those on the go to use laptop computers as telephony tools. This, then, will effect a great cost saving, freeing Registry reps from the high cost of hotel phone price schedules worldwide, according to Mr. Kenrick Ebanks, Divisional Director, Finance & IT. MACI is the first division of the Cayman Islands Government to acquire this advanced technology.

The "244" prefix will be phased out over a 6-month period (effective immediately) during this telecommunications transitional period, and an existing analog telephone system will remain in place as a backup facility in the event of any potential internet "crashes", or system breakdowns, important for Registry clients’ accessibility 24/7 on a global scale.

"Cable & Wireless is aware that business continuity is critical to MACI's continued success and profitability, and it is with that in mind that we proposed a fully integrated IP network," said Mr. Colin Rankin, C&W Major Account Manager. The Shipping Registry's "business depends on the ability to reach the right people - whenever it needs them, wherever they are," he added, "and customers should experience the same ease when contacting the Authority."

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry was established in 1903, and "flags" vessels of all sizes around the world with the prestigious British "Red Ensign".


For further information contact: Corporate Communications