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The Passenger Yacht Code (PYC)

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands or Cayman Maritime in conjunction with the Red Ensign Group have now finalised the new Code of Practice which applies to pleasure yachts of any size, in private or engaged in trade, which carry more than 12 but no more than 36 passengers and which do not carry cargo. The Code was developed over a period of 3 years and has been subject to extensive public consultation, which is now closed. Included as links below are the final Code of Practice, the consultation letter to industry, the associated press release and comments received from the Informal Consultation Working Group. Further information can also be obtained from the following link

It is intended for the Code to be dynamically updated and although the consultation on the Code is closed we would still like to hear your views and comments on the Code.

If you have any views or comments, please forward these by email to:-


Jo Assael

Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands

133 Elgin Avenue

P.O. Box 2256

Grand Cayman KY1-1107






For further information contact: Corporate Communications